Gen. McChrystal to headline Aspen billionaire confab; Tony Blair cancels at last minute

By Troy Hooper
Real AspenSeptember 25, 2010
Shhhh! Recently retired four-star general Stanley McChrystal is on a secret mission in Aspen today.

The so-called “Runaway General” who resigned in June after Rolling Stone portrayed him as a tough, stubborn, old-school military man who made disparaging remarks about the Obama administration, is scheduled to speak this afternoon at the Maroon Creek Club for the annual Forstmann Little confab.

Gen. Stanley McChrystal
U.S. Army photo

Each fall, the private equity firm Forstmann Little & Company invites a cross-section of the world's most powerful leaders to escape to Aspen to network and explore the planet's most-pressing problems. Celebrities, captains of industry and world leaders are all regulars at the surreptitious event. Ted Forstmann, a founding partner of Forstmann Little and chairman and CEO of the IMG international talent agency, is the host. Forstmann is a longtime visitor and former Aspen second-homeowner.

The discussion with McChrystal will be commandeered by acclaimed PBS broadcast journalist Charlie Rose, a frequent interviewer of Forstmann Little's featured guests in Aspen.

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair had to cancel his speaking engagement yesterday at the Forstmann Little conference in Aspen at the eleventh hour.

Attendees said Rose read a letter from Blair that apologized for the last-minute cancellation and explained that the former prime minister is apparently heading to Tel Aviv to help broker the latest Palestinian–Israeli negotiations.

Michelle Rhee, chancellor of the District of Columbia's public schools for three years, spoke in Blair's place.

Ted Forstmann

Other attendees who are expected at the event include Aspen transplant and seven-time Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong, tennis star Monica Seles, Aspen Skiing Co. patriarch Lester Crown, Denver business mogul Philip Anschutz, Aspen regular and founder Jeff Bezos, Tea Party backer David Koch, Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, CNBC anchor Erin Burnett, ex-U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff, NBA Commissioner David Stern, NCAA President Mark Emmert, Washington Redskins owner and Aspen regular Daniel Snyder, philanthropist Eli Broad, YouTube founder Chad Hurly, Time magazine editor Mark Halperin, Nobel Prize laureate Eric Kandel, film director George Lucas and former Morgan Stanley Chairman and CEO John Mack.

This morning GOP strategist Karl Rove, FreedomWorks CEO Matt Kibbe and Daily Beast editor and founder Tina Brown will sit down with MSNBC anchor Chris Mathews to discuss current events. A panel titled the “Science of Aging” will follow. Yesterday, the Forstmann Little conference kicked off with a session called “Restoring the American Economy” featuring former chairman of the Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan, British economic historian Niall Ferguson, Obama economic advisor Austin Goldsby and PimCo CEO and CIO Mohamed El-Erian. International speakers followed.

McChrystal should be among the event's biggest draws. President Obama excused the general of his duties after a Rolling Stone article, written by Michael Hastings, detailed McChrystal and his team's actions in Afghanistan, where they reportedly talked brashly about the decision-makers behind the war.

A Pentagon probe has since determined that neither McChrystal nor the senior officers in his inner circle made the disparaging comments to Rolling Stone that precipitated his resignation this summer. Now that he is retired from the military, Gen. McChrystal is teaching a leadership course at Yale.

The Forstmann Little conference is scheduled to wrap tomorrow.

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LeeMulcahyPhD – Jan. 06, 2014, at 11:23 p.m.

The elites play the Divide and Conquer game really well. If you mouth off about how they go all bipartisan on their endless wars, prison industrial complex, and love of Wall Street --by uncovering their masks, you reveal petty tyrants.

Case in point: Lester Crown, crony capitalist who loves Obama money to Michelle Bachman?

LOL: Lester's son hosts Michelle Obama when she jets into to ski whereas his daughter Susie hosted Mitt Romney in 2012.

Please. Lester's big $ is in JP Morgan Chase and General Dynamics. He gives money to the Tocqueville Society, which supports a "living wage for healthy families" while his Aspen Ski company pays $74.00 for the day to instructors to teach a full day lesson private product they charge $650 to the public.


He, like the Koch brothers, loves little people forming unions.

True to my white trash peon heritage, I tried and Lester banned me from public lands the same day I passed out a union organizing flyer promoting a living wage in Aspen.
At the time, he paid $69 for a full day.

Wait - it gets better:

Mulcahy faces trespassing charge for serving lawsuit
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ASPEN - The battle between a former ski instructor and Aspen Skiing Co. took another odd twist Thursday when Lee Mulcahy received a summons for third-degree trespass after he taped a court notice onto a door at the firm's headquarters.

Pitkin County Deputy Sheriff Levi Borst determined the trespass charge, a petty offense, was warranted because Mulcahy had been warned previously to stay off Skico property, according to an incident report. Mulcahy was banned from all Skico property when he was fired as a ski instructor in February 2011.

Mulcahy said he was simply trying to deliver a revised court summons for a lawsuit he filed against Jim and Paula Crown, members of the family that owns Skico. The lawsuit was initially filed in Pitkin County District Court. It was refiled in Pitkin County Court. Once it was refiled, Mulcahy was obligated to inform the Crowns.

"Being white trash, I was trying to save the money by taping the revision to the door" at Skico headquarters at 117 Aspen Airport Business Center, Mulcahy said.

In his lawsuit against the Crowns, Mulcahy is seeking to overturn the ban and damages of $1.

Earlier, Mulcahy tried to serve the revised summons by handing it to a Skico employee and asking her to take it inside, according to the incident report. The employee wouldn't help. So Mulcahy decided to tape the summons to an outside door at Skico offices. He said he had a 6-foot pole made from PVC pipe with him in case he needed an extension to avoid trespassing. However, he said he thought he was on a public sidewalk to a side door at Skico headquarters, so he walked up and taped the notice to the door.

Skico Senior Vice President and attorney Dave Bellack contacted the sheriff's department about Mulcahy's actions later Thursday. He reported the incident as a harassment because of Mulcahy's efforts to convince a Skico employee to take in the revised summons.

Mulcahy said he was contacted by a deputy at his home after he returned home Thursday night from bible study at an Aspen church. He requested that the deputy go to Skico headquarters with him to see if he actually trespassed on Skico property. Mulcahy said he will investigate whether he was on a public easement as part of his defense. The door opens to a parking lot that doesn't belong to Skico, he said.

Skico spokesman Jeff Hanle said Skico had no comment about the incident.

Mulcahy claimed he was the victim in the incident. It shows how Skico "bullies the little guy," he said.

"Should I expect this kind of disrespectful treatment from billionaires Jim and Paula Crown for pointing out they're limousine liberals .... for questioning their ban?" he said.

Mulcahy has a running battle against Skico over the wages paid to beginning ski instructors and other lower tier employees. Mulcahy wants Skico to pay what he calls a living wage.

Mulcahy was fired by Skico in February 2011. The company said it was for multiple infractions of company policy. Mulcahy claimed it was because he criticized company practices and talked to other instructors about forming a union.

He tried to get his job back by filing a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) but was not reinstated. The NLRB did require Skico to restructure its ski school structure so that management didn't participate on employee grievance boards. Skico was also required to specifically inform employees it was within their rights to explore formation of a union.

Mulcahy said his fight with his former employer is over freedom of speech. In addition to his lawsuit against the Crowns, he filed a libel lawsuit earlier this year against Skico President and CEO Mike Kaplan for comments Kaplan made at the time of Mulcahy's firing.

Mulcahy is supposed to appear in county court May 1 for the trespass case. He said he will try to get the hearing postponed because he will be in Africa installing water wells as part of a interfaith community volunteer project.

Or google Lester Crown Lying Crook

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